Since we started our researches in 2005 we have assembled an almost complete set of catalogues for both Leerdam and Maastricht factories as well as finding documentation and books about many other factories. Despite all our reading there are still a number of vases which we have not been able to identify.
Do YOU have a labelled example of one of these designs?
Can you point us to the relevant documents?
Please HELP!

'Noordsee serica'
We have been told that these handblown vases and bowls with blue 'powder' colours and swirls of bubbles come from a late series of Copier designs around 1965, but we have not yet been able to find any documentation about their production.

'Discus Vase'
It has been widely assumed that these vases come from Leerdam and were made for a retail customer on an exclusive basis, however there is not yet documentary evidence for this.
The vases were made in fumi and amber and in three (or more) sizes. It is possible that they actually came from Maastricht or Doyen. Which reader can identify the correct factory?

Vases with concave ribs
This style of rib was popular with German and Austrian factories, but we suspect that the manufacturer of these vases had a distributor in Holland before the war.
Some of the vases have an iridescent finish.

We would also like to identify these other items from our collections;